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Ask A Local | We Asked the locals what they love to do in Tauranga

Things To Do In Tauranga like to keep our finger on the pulse around cool things to do in Tauranga so we got out and about this week to ask a few locals. 

Locals are great at giving you/us insider knowledge; the scope if you like on what’s happening, their pick of the day when it comes to activities, places to eat, things to do and more.  Let’s see what they have to stay in our first up random Q & A with the locals:

Best Burger Joint?

“One of the best burger places at the moment has to be The Barn in Mount Maunganui.  Everyone is just raving about their burgers and they are the bomb.  The BBQ char grill flavour is something you would expect out of places like Argentina or Chile and funnily enough when we said this to the chef he’s from Brazil but on the border of Argentina! Lovely staff who are always glad you came you can’t leave town without having one of their burgers at The Barn” Soph, 21

Best Lookout Spots?

“Top of the Mount is always cool as a lookout but one of the top spots we can totally recommend to locals and visitors is at the top of Summerhill Hill Estate, Papamoa.  The view is epic and it always takes our breath away. The fact you can play a round of golf up there too for $20 per person a round is pretty awesome – you can see for miles around and if the rest of the crew aren’t up for a round, there’s plenty of tracks to walk or green space to enjoy a picnic and just relax.  An absolute magical place to go. Highly recommend” Jo, 45

Best Things To Do With The Grandkids?

“We love seeing the little Peppi Toot train taking all the people off the cruise ship around the Mount so we thought the little grandkids would love it too! To be honest I’m not sure who enjoyed it the most – them or us. It’s so nice just sitting there being able to look around and even as locals it was a bit of a thrill.  Highly recommend for those big and small, it’s not expensive and the kids loved waving out at everyone on our 30 minute tour of the Mount” Elizabeth, 60

Parklands To Enjoy?

“Te Puna Quarry Park is a great spot to explore gorgeous gardens and enjoy a bit of a nature walk.  Scattered throughout the park are sculptures which are always good to take in and it’s great for picnics too on a nice day.  There’s loads of different pathways so everytime we go we try a different one if we can be bothered that is.  Otherwise we just sit back and enjoy the view.  It’s such a lovely open space to enjoy you feel like you’re a million miles away from anywhere”.  Cheryl, 52

We’ll be delivering more local hot spots and if you want us to showcase something to do in Tauranga just leave comments below. We know there’s some best hidden secrets around town and country so let’s dig deep and uncover some more gems together.