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Explore The Ocean Blue Around Tauranga

Tauranga is full of fantastic things to do and places to explore and when it comes to ocean activities you’ve come to the right place.  Discover a whole new world and as the day draws to a close take a deep breath and savour amazing memories spent at sea. 

Stand on Mount Maunganui Main Beach or further down at Papamoa and you’ll be looking out at one of this area’s biggest playgrounds; the expansive Pacific Ocean. 

Home to stunning marine life and some of the gnarliest waves around there’s a lot going on out there you will want to be part of.  Let’s see what we’ve found for you at Things To Do In Tauranga:

1. Learn How To Surf | Hibiscus Surf School 

Come and get amongst it at some of the best surf breaks around and book a class with Hibiscus Surf School. These guys are super-friendly and full of energy and enthusiasm. 

They have the best job in the world and that is to help you learn how to surf or improve what surf skills you’ve already got.  So if you’re a willing beginner or a keen improver let’s get you up, riding those waves and hanging ten amongst the best of them. 

Looking for some surf gear to go with that surfie attitude? Head into Mount Maunganui town and check out some awesome surf stores such as Back Door, Rip Curl, Amazon, Mount Surf Shop and more.  The local surfie guys and girls are more than happy to share their insider info when it comes to top spots too. 

2. Go Fishing | Fat Boy Charters

Plan a day out on the ocean for some fun, fishing and exploring the ocean blue.  

Fat Boy Charters Skipper, Russ Hawkins has been doing this for over 40 years so well before radar came into play he’s known where all the best local fishing spots are. He’s a bit of a legend around these parts because he genuinely wants everyone, locals and visitors alike; to have their best day out on his boat.  

What do you get in return? A great day with your mates or the family catching fish to take home and cook up when you get back to base.  There’s nothing better than tasting salt on your lips and a fresh fish dish after a day out on the boat. Things to do in Tauranga has to include a day out fishing that’s for sure. 

3. Spot A Dolphin, Orca & More | Dolphin Seafaris & Bay Explorer Dolphin and Wildlife Cruises

Swimming with dolphins sounds like a dream but with Dolphin Seafaris or Bay Explorer Dolphin & Wildlife Cruises it will quickly become a reality. Dolphin Seafaris is an eco friendly tour where you get up close and personal with dolphins will blow your mind.  Rest assured this is all done on the dolphins terms so it’s natural and non-intrusive for these captivating, beautiful beings.  

Reviews have said things like – “best tour we’ve done in New Zealand so far”, “so lucky to find a pod of approx 500 dolphins”, “the team had great energy and were very knowledgeable about the surroundings and wildlife and really cared about the ecosystem and the wellbeing of the dolphins.” Need we say more.  

Bay Explorer Dolphin & Wildlife Cruises always buzz when they hear the words -“best day ever or that was epic!” How about this for the ultimate sea adventure – spend the day cruising the stunning Bay of Plenty coastline as you spot dolphins swimming so close you can almost touch them, you’ll spot penguins, seals and if you’re lucky enough which normally happens out here – orcas and whales!

Book your Dolphin adventure today with Bay Explorer today and experience it for yourself.

4. Learn to Paddleboard | East Coast Paddle Boards

Now the team here at Things To Do In Tauranga love being out on the ocean and we know that paddle boarding has quickly become a firm favourite for ocean lovers. 

Just cruising along at your own pace taking in the surroundings at Pilot Bay where East Coast Paddle Boards are based feels like you’re on some little island paradise. You can choose lessons, just a hire or if you’re up for something more, consider a SUP Adventure. There’s even one just for couples so if you’re feeling all romantic set an idyllic scene for a loved up day to come.