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It’s Showtime | What's On Stage In Tauranga

Fancy seeing a show in Tauranga?  Things To Do In Tauranga love a good show. It’s always more than a bit mind blowing when you realise how much local talent is in this area and how much talent there is full stop! We have some amazing performers as well as incredible creatives like writers, stage hands, costume makers, make up artists and more who all come together to create a show stopping performance for their audience. 

From full on musicals to entertaining plays let’s see what’s performing in and around Tauranga:

Variety Shows | Baycourt Theatre

Baycourt Theatre is in the heart of Tauranga CBD and sits above the Strand.  This highly regarded premium performing arts facility attracts acts from far and wide and local too so there’s always something for everyone. From comedians like Chopper to stage shows like The Abba Show, be sure to book a night out at the theatre and enjoy a bit of escapism for a few hours.

Spot The Local Talent | 16th Ave Theatre Tauranga 

16th Ave Theatre in Tauranga puts on between 4 - 6 shows a year showcasing some incredible local talent that leaves the audience eagerly waiting until the next show to arrive.  It’s the oldest theatre in Tauranga (established in the 1930’s) this is what community theatre is all about. It welcomes new members to become a part of the heart of this Tauranga theatre whether you’re a performer or more of a behind the scenes sort and as well as performances you can hire rooms, costumes and props for your own time to shine.

Jazz Hands | Tauranga Musical Theatre

Yes Tauranga has its own musical theatre and it’s located on 17th Avenue Tauranga.  Also established in the 1930’s it’s a group of local stars who always put on a performance of a lifetime.  You couldn’t have an amazing performance without an amazing support crew and these guys are absolute rock stars too.   As you enter the theatre or sometimes for bigger shows performances are held at BayCourt, you feel as if you are transported to a whole new world - and you are!  It’s showtime baby so indulge that inner Broadway/West End desire and enjoy the energy and buzz of musical theatre right here in Tauranga.

We're are always on the lookout for more, well things to do in Tauranga so we can tell you.  

We’re passionate about showcasing this incredible area and what’s on.  We know the local boys and girls high schools also have incredible talent and come together to put on such professional shows that we are so proud of as a community. If you have any other groups who also perform in whatever capacity please let us know so we can showcase them here too!