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Did You Know? … | Out of the Ordinary Things To Do In Tauranga That You Didn't Know About!

From cooking classes to painting lessons we have dug out a few of the out of the ordinary things to do in Tauranga locals and visitors alike might not have even known existed. It’s fun to do things a little different isn’t it so let’s see what we can find for you whether it’s cooking up a storm or getting a little bit Van Gogh on us!

Did you know …. that Somerset Cottage in Bethlehem, Tauranga holds cooking classes? As this is one of the best eateries around you can only imagine what delicious meals await but first you have to cook them!  The classes are held in the morning where you get coached to cook up a treat for yourselves before you sit down as a group to indulge and delight in your very own creations.  We can hear the oohs and aahs from here.  Clever you!

Did you know …. That Waimarino Adventure Park does the most awesome kayak tours too?  From evening glow worm tours which sounds absolutely magical and quite frankly is to Wairoa river kayak tour.  All tours are led by professional guides and on the evening tour you even get to sip fine NZ wines and tasty cheeses.  We’re not making this up - promise

Did you know …. That Mt Bookworm, Mount Maunganui not only has a huge variety of pre-loved books you can peruse at your leisure and pleasure - they also have a great collection of vinyls, CDs, DVDs and pop culture memorabilia all in good working order.  Whether you are vacationing or staycationing there’s nothing better than grabbing a bundle of books to hunker down with over your holidays.  If you’re a lover of nostalgia and great sounds then you’re in for a real treat

Did you know ….you can learn to paint?  Emma Prill is just one local artist who runs fantastic adult and children's art workshops that get your individual creative juices flowing.  Emma is a natural when it comes to creating a warm and confident atmosphere so every want-to-be a painter feels completely at ease painting up a storm.  Great idea for a get together of any sort or if you want to join a group of like-minded potential artists

A little bit out of the ordinary things to do in Tauranga gives everyone an opportunity to do something different and not the same old same old.  Whether you’re planning a trek, a kayak, a picnic or a paint there’s plenty to do and see here.  Want to add your own different things to do in Tauranga activity? Add away because we’re on a mission to showcase all the great things to do in Tauranga.