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The Coolest Neighbourhoods In Town | Mount Maunganui

We don’t have to do a poll because the team at Things To Do In Tauranga have the inside scoop on some of the coolest neighbourhoods in our city.

First up is Mount Maunganui. Now we all know the Mount is famous for its amazing beaches; both Surfside and Pilot Bay but did you know that the Mount Main Street has some of the coolest street art on display?


Take a wander behind the shops on both sides of the Main Street and you’ll be stepping into an amazing array of street art that will delight young and old. 

As you wander through the lanes you’ll spot street art pieces that range from stunning Wahine to graffiti art at its finest.  Inspirational quotes and colours that uplift and inspire the inner artist in all of us and it’s all free. Take the kids for a walk and get them to do a treasure hunt so they can find the hidden gems along the way but just be careful as cars and delivery trucks do use the lanes too.

The Perfect Day 

Grab a coffee at the uber cool Luca coffee bar, maybe take a pew and just sit back and relax as you take in the cool Mount Maunganui street art.

After that, depending on what time of day it is; grab a burger from The Barn - one of the best burgers around and the Argentinian chef really knows how to BBQ. 

Carry on down the lanes because there’s so much more to see and hop over the other side of the Main Street to discover more.  Check out the shops where there’s something for everyone and maybe finish off the day with a cooling refreshment from one of Mount Maunganui’s many awesome bars and restaurants. 

There's so much to see and do if you just look that much harder so when you're feeling like a touch of Banksy then head to the lanes in Mount Maunganui for super cool street art and more